ISIN AGUŠEV DŽAMBO - Dance & belly dance

The Roma brass band Aguševi - Džambo from Strumica, Makedonija, was formed in 2002 on the ashes of one of the finest Macedonian Roma brass bands - Orkestar Aguševi. The trumpet virtuoso Kočo Agušev formed his own band and also his brother Džemail did not hesitate. Already in those times his son Isin was widely acclaimed as the best young Macedonian Roma trumpet player. Isin has made quick progress and has been due to his quick rise to the national Roma trumpet skies given the nickname Džambo - Jumbo (Jet). He won the first prize as the no. 1 trumpet player at the first competition of the Roma brass bands Truba fest in 2006 and won it easily again in 2007. In the local Roma scene he is generally regarded as the Macedonian Roma answer to the rising Balkan Roma star Marko Marković. Actually there is no rivalry felt between Marko and Džambo. They are good acquaintances and they sometimes even perform together. Also their taste in music meets in a lot of points. Of course, the fast drive of the Strumica Roma style of playing provides a different background to a more relaxed one of Marko. Also Džambo's band generally consists of young musicians of similar age. If you are a fan of young Balkan Roma new wavers, Džambo and his band definitely should be one of the musts on your list. So far the band has been a frequent guest of the Prague Khamoro Roma festival.
In 2011. in the Guča (Srbija) Džambo Agušev at the international competition trumpeters from around the world won the award for the best trumpeter in the world!

01 Grčki orijental    
02 Saškov čoček
03 Erding čoček       
04 Džemalovo oro
05 Turbo stakato      
06 Ferusov orijental
07 Indijsko oro       
08 Demirov čoček
09 Džambo disko       
10 Cigančica


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