MANOS LOIZOS - The best of greek composers Vol.2

Manos Loizos (1937-1982) was born in Alexandria, Egypt by Greek Cypriot parents, and died in Moscow. He lived and made his career in Athens. Loizos moved to Athens at the age of 17 intending to study pharmacology but soon gave up his studies in order to concentrate on his musical career. He was a self-taught musician, with no formal musical arts training. His first recordings were made in 1963 but he started gaining a larger audience after 1967. By 1975 Loizos had become one of the most popular artists in Greek music. He cooperated with famous singers, while his songs had a political view. He was part of the Greek Communist Party and fought for the rights of the working class. His songs were beloved by the Greek people and they are sung till today.
Tekst preuzet sa SKOPELOSNEWS

01. Tzamaika
02. Fantaros
03. Delfini
04. Kalimera ille
05. Teli teli teli
06. Mia kalimera
07. To akordeon
08. Koutsi kithara
09. Paso s'agapo
10. Vaporaki tou bournova
11. Dromos
12. Ola se rhimizoun
13. Giftisa ton evizaxe
14. Garnes ke skotiniazi
15. Ilie mou se parakalo
16. Pes mou se parakalo
17. Pagose i tsiminiera
18. Ah helidoni mou


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