Süperstar Orkestar is a wind orchestra from Stockholm which plays Roma party music from the Balkans. The band has done about 1000 gigs and got their big breakthrough when Emir Kusturica’s Black Cat – White Cat was running at the Swedish cinemas.
Serbia and Macedonia have a strong tradition of brass band music. It’s an Eldorado for everyone who loves hot, hard swinging and brilliant Balkan brass music. That’s where the band has got their inspiration.
Süperstar Orkestar are:

Magnus Hedenborg – trumpet
David Bryntesson – trumpet
Jens Edenhed – clarinet
Lars Ydgren – alto saxophone
Håkan Säfvestad – tenor tuba
Anton Grandert – tenor tuba
Göran Christensen – bass tuba
Erik Nilsson – bubanj

The stand-ins:
Johan Jonsson – trumpet
Jonas Jersild – alto saxophone
Staffan Findin – tenor tuba
Tobias Eklund – bass tuba and
Martin Memetovic Rannbo – bubanj, makes the band able to play most gigs. 

2001 Superstar Orkestar 01 Dur cocek
2001 Superstar Orkestar 02 Vrados truba
2001 Superstar Orkestar 03 Super cocek

2004 Super Internazional 01 Belgrad party
2004 Super Internazional 02 Nikolo
2004 Super Internazional 03 Djurdjevdan
2004 Super Internazional 04 La isla bonita

2008 Balkanized 01 Balkanized (feat. Ferus Mustafov)
2008 Balkanized 02 Opa aprila (feat. Ferus Mustafov)
2008 Balkanized 03 Gajda dada Sali (feat. Ferus Mustafov)
2008 Balkanized 04  Voulez vous (feat. Ferus Mustafov)
2008 Balkanized 05 Vesna cocek (feat. Ferus Mustafov)

Süperstar Orkestar 01 04 08

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