YOUGOSLAVIE 1 (Serbie orientale) - Les Bougies du Paradis

The part of Eastern Serbia referred to here, i.e. the mountainous region situated between the Danube and its tributaries the Morava and the Timok, is demographically delimited by the presence – or absence – of a Wallachian population. These Wallachs (numbering about 80,000 in all) or Vlasi (sing. Vlah) have little or nothing in common with inhabitans of Southern Rumania (Oltenia and Muntenia). Originally Slav-speaking, they were forced to leave their native land in the 15th and 16th century and emigrated either to Oltenia or into the mountains of the present-day district of Caras-Severin. When the situation in the Krajina, the militarized border zone, improved, they returned in successive waves of their old homelands int he 17th and 18th century. However, during their exile they had adopted the Rumanian language as well as some of the customs and certain musical features of their hosts. (Thanks Katjusa & Žužu)

a01. Ungureanca
a02. Razvedeno kolo
a03. Hora da Patru
a04. Miletovo kolo
a05. Rumenka
a06. Sochit
a07. Dor, doritule
a08. U livadi pod jasenom
a09. Chintec alu nasu lunita
a10. Op zdrin ,zdrin
a11. Hora pa margina dunari

b01. Complainte d'une femme Valaque
b02. Zorile
b03. Na drumul
b04. Pomana a Jabukovac
b05. Melodie funeraire
b06. Ballade, Padura, Aora padura
b07. Melodie pour chasser les vampires
b08. Complaintes de femmes serbes

YU 1 Part.1  YU1 Part.2

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